One day the citizens woke up and found out that the long war was over. So, because they had always been tought in the ways of war... they now had to be affraid of peace.
They became so scared that they started another conflict immediately, but it didn't last for long.
The depression got so bad that the only solution they seemed to find for them was to escape to another reality, to the place without past, where everything is possible, to Dreamingstan. Abandoning their beloved ones. The new unreality became the goal for the most of them.
The art of escape became the most valuable!
Project Dreamingstan refers to the situation in Georgia, mainly 90s. We were all part of the reality full of war conflicts, civil wars. Escape from everyday worries was a necessity, desire. Characters from my project actually fleeing from everyday life into the fictional parallel reality called Dreamingstan. Some of them are, however, real people, flesh and blood. These are individuals who have significantly influenced my view of the world - artists, activists, family members…The collection of characters is mixed with the unreal and symbolic characters as well.
I am designer from Georgia.
My main direction is graphic / illustration , also I am interested in street art , handmade , brand design, comics, fine art.

You can see my full portfolio on Behance : https://www.behance.net/ttchertova

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